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Three Studies of Young Women

I had three young women, all recent high school graduates, visit me one weekend just after the Supreme Court ruled on the Dobbs case – effectively reducing womens’ rights in many states across the nation. All three were heading to different parts of our country to attend college.

These paintings were inspired by being with these optimistic, still playful girls turned women, whose views, options and voices in today’s world may be silenced or redirected.

Currently you can see one of the trio of 24″ x 24 oils in the window at Cercana, a marvelous home goods store in downtown Ojai, and another in the current exhibit at the Ojai Valley Museum. The third can be viewed at my studio this weekend during our OSA Fall Tour, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 8-10, 10am – 5 pm. Come visit!

Young women painted faces

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